About Us
Community Marketplace ltd

"MINIPPS Community Marketplace" was founded by SAP users for SAP users. It features several services to better serve the SAP users community.
On the one hand, we help developers create, publish and sell mini applications using our App4SAP solution, and on the other hand, we helps IT departments and software Project Managers find a low-cost mini software solutions in a one application specific marketplace, using our Made4SAP solution for SAP applications and services.


We are at MINIPPS understand that the entry level to the world of application market is somewhat high in terms of money spent on marketing, servers, developing tools and money transactions management. This leads to expensive applications; expensive to make and expensive to buy. For a full comprehensive application, high prices is inevitably understandable, but mini applications should not comply to those rules.

MINIPPS for Developers

We offer a community market place that gives the developers the opportunity to present their mini applications for sell. Sell transaction, where some of the gain would be transferred to the developers.

Buying application at MINIPPS

MINIPPS consumers can find a vast open source mini application catalog.Each application, rated, tested and well documented, can be purchased with a direct download and implementation support.

Where can I find MINIPPS

MINIPPS community share the http://www.minipps.com web site.

MINIPPS marketplace

MINIPPS infrastructures the market place and handles money transactions.

The basic idea is that programmers can upload a mini application, upload with an intention to sell. We are not talking about a complex applications, not the ones that involve years to development. Mini applications are relatively easy to make and maintain. Mini applications are low cost and usually an open source.

What is MINIPPS Application-on-Demand

A big economical question in the current economy is how I, the small in budget entity, can leverage my self into participating in the global buzz. Application-on-Demandis SaaS is for corporate systems and for individuals.
We will use an example for the concept: SAP ECC system is a complex and expensive corporate ERP system with an endless abilities for versatile
and reliable corporate use. Complex systems need heavy duty hardware, big annual licence fee and a fleet of maintenance specialists. Let’s say that you are SAP ECC FI free lancer consultant that want to learn a newtopic on the “cash management” module. Application-on-demand will let the use of SAP system on hourly fee.