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Copy Inspection Results and Usage Decision
Sku: 0000000177
Allows the distribution of QM Inspection Results and Usage Decision from one lot to others.

What’s its function?
This mini application allows the following:
1. Copying of QM Inspection Results to other QM Inspections Results.
2. Copying of QM Usage Decision to other QM Usage Decisions.
3. Choice of the Characteristics to be copied.
4. Choice of the source and destinations with the standard QA32 report.

What business process will it solve?
In SAP ERP and ECC6 systems, when using the QM module, sometimes the business logic forces the SAP ERP system to open many Inspection Lots, but the actual Inspection Result Recording or the Usage Decision are valid for more than one lot. For example, a current Shop Floor Temperatures reading is valid for all the lots that are currently processed in the Shop Floor.
A tool for copying Result Recording or Usage Decision from one lot to others is therefore required, and this tool will allow you to do that.

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