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Scan to SAP
Sku: 0000000191
Scan documents directly from SAP GUI into SAP attached document (GOS/DMS)

What’s its function?
This mini application allows the following:
1. Scanning of documents directly from SAP GUI on windows or on CITRIX into a SAP standard attached document (GOS/DMS).
2. Support of destination file formats: TIF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG.

What business process will it solve?
It allows for the scanning of several pages directly into one file, which can be attached (via GOS or DMS) to SAP documents such as purchase orders, sales orders, invoice verifications, and so on.
This will ease the work of your accounting department when mass scanning invoices into SAP systems, or scanning of delivery note received verifications into a SAP delivery document.

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 Scan for SAP - DMS
 Scan for SAP - MIRO GOS
 Scan for SAP - Direct scan (GOS on ME22N)

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 Scan for SAP - DMS
 Scan for SAP - MIRO GOS
 Scan for SAP - Direct scan (GOS on ME22N)